Luxury Swimming Pools

Have you considered adding a swimming pool to your property? Curious what type of swimming pool design would be best? Consider adding a gunite swimming pool. These types of swimming pools look beautiful finished, giving you a wonderful property feature you can show off to your guests. The pools also feature solid construction which gives them longevity. If you’re looking for a swimming pool that adds value and elegance to your property, consider gunite swimming pools. A gunite swimming pool is a sound investment for your property, as they provide beauty and recreational fun that lasts.

Gunite Swimming Pools Explained

A gunite swimming pool is an inground pool reinforced by rebar and built with a mixture of water, cement and sand -- this mixture is gunite. The actual construction process begins with the excavation of swimming pool design site. Next, the pool shell is constructed and reinforced with steel rebar. After the rebar has been installed, the gunite is applied over it with a high-pressure hose. Once it dries, the gunite is a solid base and crucial part of the swimming pool design. 

Custom Swimming Pool Design

 No two pools are alike in design, and many homeowners like to choose a swimming pool design option that reflects the aesthetics of their home. With gunite swimming pools, it’s easy to find a finish you love and this type of pool can be customized into almost any shape. The finish you choose can easily coordinate with your outdoor design. You may decide to use colors that match an outdoor kitchen, deck, backyard features, or the house’s exterior. 
The final thing to consider for your swimming pool design is whether you want to add water features to the pool. Water features installed into the pool add visual interest to your pool’s design and help you make a “splash” with your guests. Spas, waterfalls, and fountains of varying designs are available for your gunite swimming pool --- it’s all about what water features you think will look best.

Enhancing Your Gunite Swimming Pool 

Two of the most important elements of owning a swimming pool are safety and maintenance. Automatic covers are an essential part of both. The covers secure the pool for pets and children. You will also keep tree leaves and debris from falling into the pool for easier maintenance. You operate these automatic covers with the push of a button, so the pool closes within minutes, giving you peace of mind. Automatic covers are smart, because they save in pool costs by reducing evaporation rate, heating costs, chemical use and electricity. 
Gunite swimming pools are often chosen by homeowners who want versatility for their pool’s design, shape, and features. Unlike other pool types, gunite swimming pools don’t have depth or size limits. The versatility of these pools makes them attractive to residential and commercial customers alike. With the wide range of swimming pool designs available, it’s easy to find a gunite swimming pool for your budget, taste and property size. 

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