Our Process

Eastern Aquatics offers a thorough process for designing, building, and constructing your custom pool. When you work with a pool builder at Eastern Aquatics, you have a dedicated professional and quality customer service at every step.

Site Visit

The site visit is one of the most important parts of the pool design process. A pool builder meets with you at your home to discuss your pool design. It’s time to show us the pool of your dreams! Here we will see exactly how the pool will fit on your property. This information will determine how we can enter the property with our equipment. The site visit includes a detailed survey, measurements, and photos. These will guide us during the building process.

3D Renderings

Next, based on the site visit data, our swimming pool designer will generate 3D renderings to bring your vision to life. This is done by recreating your actual backyard so you can see how your pool aligns with the existing dimensions of your yard. Our team transforms your pool design into beautiful 3D presentations. We use Structure Studios, one of the most respected and popular software suites in the industry. Our 3D design and blueprints will show you every facet of the pool’s design, from pathways to water features. Every inch will be presented in rich detail, letting you see your vision as realistically as possible. This process encourages creativity and lets you try out new ideas with the click of a button. You’ll be able to see how the pool looks in regards to your home and other outdoor elements. Once you approve the final design, it’s time for the blueprints.

3d pool rendering

Finish Selections

Now we move onto the aesthetics of your pool design. You select your desired tile and plaster finish. We also select the coping for your pool, creating a frame for the pool shell and giving your swimmers a non-skid surface to walk.


Our swimming pool engineering experts then generate pool design blueprints. Eastern Aquatics doesn’t outsource to a contractor, instead, we do all blueprint work in-house. Swimming pool engineering requires expert knowledge of local health codes, construction design, and other important factors. We work with you to determine your pool equipment needs based on the pool’s design and function. Your final blueprints will be designed in accordance with these regulations. The proposed cost of the pool is also provided.

Swimming pool blueprints created by Eastern Aquatics


After all of the permits have been obtained, we map out where the pool’s location will be on the property. The construction process begins with excavation as our team arrives on site to dig out the pool area.

We start with the pool shell, or the “backbone” of your pool. The shell uses gunite and reinforcing structural steel bars for a durable strong foundation that lasts for years. Placed in a criss-cross pattern, the steel creates a solid backbone for the gunite. After the steel frame is finished, we apply the gunite mixture through a high-pressure hose, letting the gunite adhere to the frame. Once the gunite dries, the concrete is stronger than ever thanks to the steel underneath.

Gunite swimming pool wood framing

After the shell is complete, it’s time to accent it with your chosen finish. Whether you go with a classic white finish or opt for for one of the premier polymer modified plaster finishes by Premix Marbletite, your swimming pool will look spectacular. Premix Marbletite comes in a variety of colors and adds a sparkling element to your pool, making it glimmer and shine in the sun. It’s easy to maintain, durable, and is constructed with quartz, one of the hardest minerals.

Eastern Aquatics plastering a swimming pool

The filter system is then installed and the pool’s power options are connected. By now, the construction process is almost done, and you’re not far from enjoying your pool!

Our team cleans up the site and removes any debris or materials left behind. We apply your choice of finish and coatings, then start filling the pool with water. Once the pool is full, we turn on all of the equipment and walk you through how to operate it. Swimming pool maintenance tasks are explained to you and you can ask any questions you may have. Finally, we leave you to enjoy your beautiful new pool!

Gunite swimming pool constructed by Eastern Aquatics in Catskill NY

Designing Your Oasis

Eastern Aquatics focuses exclusively on your swimming pool to help you create a beautiful backyard oasis. While there are many aspects to your yard, such as walkways and lighting, we help you create the perfect pool for your needs. No pool design is complete without considering the patios, fencing, and plantings to soften the effect. We work with landscape experts, Redbud Development Inc., to help you achieve that complete vision. A Redbud designer will walk your property with you and discuss your design ideas, what you imagine, and how the site will function to best suit your lifestyle. Redbud can consult with a landscape architect for any complex site issues such as steep slopes or problematic drainage. Your designer will take all of this into consideration and present you with a landscape design proposal.

During the design process, your designer will create conceptual drawings and an accurate cost estimate for your approval. You and your designer can refine the design and budgets to meet your needs and then implement the work in conjunction with the Eastern Aquatics project timeline. Together, we create the oasis of your dreams with a beautifully landscaped pool and outdoor living area.

Eastern Aquatic pool builders work closely with the landscaping team down to every detail. You’ll know every stone, plant, and enhancement that will be added to your property. Once it’s done, you will be entertaining friends and family in your amazing new oasis.

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