Swimming Pool Tile

After you pick the size and shape of your pool, it’s time to decide on its appearance. Pool tile is one of the most exciting ways to customize your pool with any look you can imagine. Don’t settle for a boring white pool, Eastern Aquatics is here to help you add visual interest to your pool! We work with a variety of high-quality porcelain tiles from different manufacturers. All swimming pool tiles we use are Frost-Proof. They aren’t susceptible to water penetration and are perfect for inground pools in colder climates.

Using swimming pool tile lets you customize your pool design to fit your unique vision. Unlike the tile you may use in your kitchen or bathroom, pool tile is specifically designed for pool and spa use. Pool tiles come in a variety of colors, materials, and designs. These tiles withstand sun exposure and reflect light beautifully in the water. Installing pool tile can be complex, particularly if you want an elaborate tile design. Turn to a pool tile specialist to ensure your tile is installed correctly.

Waterline Tile

Installed just below the coping, waterline tile is a must for your inground pool. Hard water accumulating in the pool can leave deposits and mineral buildup, with a noticeable ring on your pool finish. Waterline tile protects the pool perimeter and gives you an easier surface to remove the buildup than from plaster alone. Adding waterline tile also lets you customize the look of your pool with unique designs. Pool owners looking for the “wow” factor to their inground pool should choose a beautiful set of waterline tiles.

Glass mosiac swimming pool tile. Frost proof 6x6 swimming pool tile. Slate 6x6 swimming pool tile.

Step & Bench Tiles

Swimming pool tile isn’t just for the pool’s bottom. Step and bench tiles accent these features of the pool and can coordinate with the overall design. These tiles indicate where the steps are and makes it easy for children to see the entry/exit. Commercial pool projects require step and bench tile, but it will look great in a residential pool as well.

Mosiac swimming pool step tile. Non skid bullnose swimming pool step tile Mosiac swimming pool step tile.

Pool Mosaics

Imagine swimming in your pool and looking down to see a beautiful mosaic of a turtle or dolphin. A step beyond traditional pool tile designs, mosaic tiles add great character and visual interest to your pool. Visitors will notice these designs immediately. These swimming pool tiles can be arranged into patterns or distinct shapes at the bottom of your pool. When it comes to mosaic tiles, the sky’s the limit. Mosaics come in glass, ceramic and porcelain, offering endless opportunity to add whimsy, elegance, or distinction to your inground pool or spa.

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